Best Electric Guitar Under 1000


Having the best electric guitar for under 1000 dollars is a good intention. It clearly shows that you’ve developed more than a great beginner and are searching for something that might carry your music to the next level. Undoubtedly, It shows that you’ve decided on a unique playing style and can commit to learning more about it.

Fortunately, there have been plenty of options for your necessities at such a price level. You can choose from an electric guitar of every style, manufacturer, feature, and wrap-up. All of varies on whatever you want, and however, if you’re trying to spend nearer to a thousand dollars, the possibility is you already have a concept.

Best Electric Guitar Under 1000 – Top Picks

  1. Fender Deluxe Telecaster
  2. PRS SE Custom 24-08
  3. Schecter Hellraiser C-1
  4. ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000VB
  5. Fender Deluxe Stratocaster
  6. PRS SE Custom 24

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1) Fender Deluxe Telecaster

The Deluxe Nashville Tele is a powerful, flexible performer with an exceptional (for a Tele) three-pickup construct simple from the Music Row Studios in Nashville, TN. This Tele grunt pops and starts sounding with a versatile sound that can suit any tune in the Fender group. Tele can lead any stage with its initial Fender look, personalized switching, and fast, seamless playing feel. 

3 Pickups

Fender installed a Classic Noiseless Playstyle single-coil pickup. You are separating Tele pickups between neck and bridge to provide further tone selections. From rich catchy melody tones to snappy, bassy leads, you get full rights to the warm-yet-biting tonality of a Strat’s middle pickup location.

Design with a cord

Your guitar riffs will be impressive. The chord style is a formula for long-lasting reliable practices. This Telecaster bridge also includes six adjustable saddles for improved tonality.

Best for the Money

The distinctive Deluxe Nashville Tele is an outstanding example of Fender’s Deluxe Series, which offers iconic Fender guitars with deluxe electronics and advanced features at an affordable price.

Fender Deluxe Telecaster
Fender Deluxe Telecaster Electric Guitar

Key Features

  • Vintage style electric guitar
  • One Vintage NoiselessTM Strat pickup and two Classic NoiselessTM Tele pickups (neck and bridge middle)
  • Strat-o-Tone switching in five directions
  • String through body Tele bridge with six saddles and a 12 inch radius fingerboard; textured neck heel; designed to lock tuning machines
  • A deluxe gig bag is included

2) PRS SE Standard 24-08

The PRS SE Standard 24 has it all playability, voice, appearance, cost, and availability. Today modern SE Standard 24 includes all of this into a visually appealing, value-packed instrument. The all-mahogany body of the musical instrument begins to sing with imagination and also warmness nostalgic of iconic classic rock tones. These sounds are produced by a pair of PRS 85/15 “S” humbucking pickups with wire expertise. You get an excellent, identifiable PRS electric guitar.

Elegant Appearance

The magnificent glass surface on PRS SE Standard 24 proudly proclaims its mahogany design. The wood grain guarantees you the earth tones to show up. An attachment around this guitar’s boundary specifies the guitar’s top and bottom are entirely artistic.

PRS SE Standard 24-08
PRS SE Standard 24-08 Electric Guitar

Key Features

  • Mahogany double cut solid body electric guitar
  • The body and fretboard binding are both wonderfully underplayed.
  • Maple neck has a wide thin neck portfolio and plays smoothly.
  • Simple to reach Rosewood fingerboard with 24 frets
  • Two PRS 85/15 “S” humbucking pickups produce a wide range of tones.
  • Push pull pot for chimney single-coil tones.
  • Humbucker pickups and rhythmic bridge for precise tuning and intonation
  • Mother of pearl bird inlays are iconic.

3) Schecter Hellraiser C-1

Are you able to take the stage? You are, with the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 in your hands! The Hellraiser C-1 has ample versatility with a lovely top end, thanks to its tried and true pairing of a mahogany body and a designed wood top. 

EMG 81TW at the tunnel and EMG 89 at the neck drive all of this timbre muscle via your amp. The dual mode layout of the 81TW combines the iconic EMG 81 sound with a single voice and a chubbier tonality with smash and simplicity. 

The EMG 89 uses Alnico V magnetic force to produce a strong EMG 85 style tone. The Hellraiser C-1 also has a three-piece mahogany neck for incredible stabilization, a TonePros TOM bridge developed through a series design, and Schecter sealing impresses to hold you in tune. From top to bottom, the Schecter Hellraiser that’s a whole bunch of guitars for the cash!

Schecter Hellraiser C-1
Schecter Hellraiser C-1 Electric Guitar

Key Features

  • Wrap up in the black cherry
  • The body is mahogany, with a quilted maple top.
  • Mahogany 3 piece neck
  • Fingerboard made of Rosewood
  • There are 24 extra jumbo frets.
  • Abalone Inlays of Gothic crosses
  • EMG 81TW and EMG 89 pickups, Schecter locking tuners
  • TonePros TOM bridge with a through-body design
  • Scale length: 25.5″
  • The hardware is black chrome

4) ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000VB

You’re ready to unleash pure rock fervor when you insert your ESP LTD Eclipse EC-1000 solid body electric guitar into your amplifier. Eclipse’s set-neck design gives unlimited stability by keeping it infusive longer than fixed layouts. EMG humbucking pickups provide you with a robust and intelligent voice on demand. This guitar has many tones, from chiming rinses to rumbling high-gain tones.

Iconic Appearance & Playability

The additional mass of this specific design provides pretty fantastic comfort. In contrast, the gently rounded top gives a comfortable hand holding despite the lifting style. Add a razor-sharp cutaway for better accessibility to the Eclipse EC-1000 EMG’s top fretboard, and you’re ready to rip up.

Worthy Investment With Quality

ESP LTD instruments are made to encourage a competitive business. With a more affordable twist on ESP guitars’ classic styles and value. The complete ESP LTD path of components is made with top quality tonewood, high quality pickups and sturdy objects that will last for a long.

Each piece of equipment can growl whenever it comes to manufacturing. Thanks to the correct detail aligned and quality. While waiting for the perfect rock or steel guitar, search no further than ESP LTD guitars.

ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000VB
ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000VB Electric Guitar

Key Features

  • Electric guitar with a classic appearance and a powerful tone.
  • The mahogany neck’s thin U-shaped profile allows it to play fast and smooth.
  • Dual EMG pickups provide a hostile stance, hot efficiency, and superb note meaning.
  • Tonepros locking TOM bridge/tailpiece ensures consistent tuning stability and intonation.
  • The set neck design provides long lasting survival and astonishing fluency.

5) Fender Deluxe Stratocaster

The Luxurious Roadhouse Strat is an effective device for filtering it up the whole time, with sound and style complex enough to rock a scene. The instrument is adaptable yet to control everything you pass at it with style, with sounds varying from difficult, wiry single-coil fondle to a high-output voice that’s great for blistering prospects. It’s ideal for an entertainer who needs acoustical versatility and the capacity to move noises at the fall of a hat.

3 Pickup

Three Classic Noise isolating pickups provide all of the simplicity and fluency you’ve grown to accept from Strat pickups without the hum. A six position V6 transfer cover as a tone authority and preamp provides 6 additional tonal variabilities while maintaining the classic, slick look of a Strat. An S-1 switch hidden in the sound card exhibits the amplifier for rich, classical pickup only noises.


A textured neck heel and 4 bolt asymmetry neck slab allow easy access to the top records of the neck. The flatter 12 inch radius fretboard allows immediate prospects and profound curves without fretting out. Locking frequency machines improve tuning reliability and allow for faster string modifications.

Wrap Up

The alder body has a strong and durable high shine polyurethane wrap up that will withstand intricate playing and maintain the electric guitar looking brand new for years to come. Nickel/chrome accents are classic esthetical touches. The Deluxe Roadhouse Strat is ideal for guitarists looking for more from their instrument at a reasonable price. 

Fender Deluxe Stratocaster
Fender Deluxe Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Key Features

  • V6 Rotary Switch with a Variety of Tone Settings
  • Three Noiseless Vintage Pickups for Descriptive Sound
  • Pau Ferro Fingerboard for Easy Playability
  • Tremolo Arm with Two Bolts for Smooth Transitions
  • Sunburst 3 Tone Color with Personal protection Gloss Varnish

6) PRS SE Custom 24

The Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 fretless electric guitar contains the acoustic, playability, and stunning appearance of the Personalized row towards a more affordably priced instrument. The mahogany body and wood top of the SE Custom 24 now have a more classical “violin” body scrape, giving it the vibe of top-tier Custom 24 guitars. 

A set of 85/15 “S” pickups produce a wide range of excellent humbucking and single-coil sounds. The wood neck has a Broad Thin form for comfortable, quick quality, and performance, and the rosewood fretboard has old-school Birds’ wood inlay for that classic PRS glance. 

It is a real PRS, pure and simple, and of considerable value — you wouldn’t have to become a traveling rock star to appreciate the incredible tone and playability.

Amazing Modules

The SE Custom 24’s mahogany body and wood top provide the right combination of rich medium range and brilliant grab — plus, the lovely flame wood top facade adds to the instrument’s visual appeal. 

Add a pair of PRS-designed humbucking pickups in the bridge and neck locations for tough outer, enduring tones. Pulling up on the timbre pot reveals clueing, bell-like single-coil sounds. The hardwood neck of the SE Custom 24 has such a Broad, Narrow scrape, creating it relatively quick and playable.

PRS SE Custom 24
PRS SE Custom 24 Electric Guitar

Key Features 

  • Paul Reed Smith at an affordable price.
  • PRS performance and flexibility are legendary.
  • The guitar has an elegant appearance thanks to the beautiful flame maple.
  • Body made of Rosewood for a snappy tone and long stable.
  • Under massive use, the PRS-designed tremolo preserves tuning.
  • PRS 85/15 “S” pickups produce excellent humbucking or single-coil tones.
  • A push-pull tone knob provides access to great coil-split tones.
  • The wide, thin maple neck is both comfortable and quick.

Selection Criteria Before Purchasing a New Guitar

When you shop for a guitar for less than $1000, you will get a high-quality electric guitar; however, there are a few variables to look at. But otherwise, here are some factors to look about before purchasing.

Playing Style

It is critical to purchase a guitar that will fit your style of play. If you primarily play shred guitar, purchasing a jazz-style guitar that is too heavy to play makes no logical sense.

The guitar you want will look beautiful, but consider how you intend to use it and whether you might be satisfied with the service once you begin playing it. Before buying a product, you should consider all of your choices.


Most instruments under $1000 will come with pickups far preferable to the median ones found on guitars costing much less. They sound great sometimes, but you’ll need to replace some of them with pickups you chose. This is something to think about, but it isn’t required only if you need a specific pickup in your new musical instrument.

Know that new pickups are expensive, which will increase your guitar’s cost, so assess the benefits and drawbacks before going this route.

The Setup

Most electric guitars under 1000 dollars will have a more substantial setup than cheaper guitars, so there won’t be much to do other than tweak items to fulfill your goals. Ensure that the act is set to your preference, and if you’re unsure how to do it, look for help from an acoustic tech.

Slight variations can have a significant impact on how well the guitar plays. You can tweak the steel frame rod to make the neck easier to manage, but only in simple changes and once.

Final Thoughts

If you’re still undecided after reading our guide, below are the best guitars in the industry:

The PRS SE Custom 24 is people’s choice for the best electric guitar under 1000 dollars. It has a lifetime guarantee features a rosewood fingerboard, PRS patented tremolo bridge, a 3-way blade switch controller, and brass hardware for perfect playing.

The Fender Deluxe Telecaster is our pick for the best electric guitar under 1000 dollars. This budget guitar has the aspects of doing more than the affordable object, with customized switching, 3 humbucker pickups, and 12 radius fingerboards.

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