Yamaha FG800 Review


One of the most challenging decisions to make while acquiring a guitar is about whether to go with a hardwood top or a vinyl. This Yamaha FG800 review would demonstrate that users don’t always want to compromise between a low price and an actual guitar performance. New player affordability and performance aren’t mutually exclusive concepts either.

Yamaha is well-known for producing inexpensive guitars that handle and sound much better than some other affordable choices. Over generations, Yamaha FG guitars were one of the most successful acoustic guitars elsewhere globally. The Yamaha FG800 is indeed a relatively new spectacular specimen. Let’s have a look into what renders this one of the best acoustic guitars used by professionals and beginners.

Top Quality Guitar

The Yamaha FG800 is among the best beginner acoustic guitars of all history. Its strong top produces the rich, comprehensive sound often associated with some more expensive guitars. Furthermore, the sleek neck remains ergonomic, incredibly musical, and ideal for guitarists just starting over their acoustic adventure.

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Brand Durability and History

The Yamaha FG800 doesn’t even really deserve any explanation at this level. It’s due to the FG series’s durability, something the other guitars must only fantasize about. Since its launch in 1966, model FG has become a permanent cornerstone of the beginning acoustic guitar marketplace.

Society has changed quite an agreement since that day, and the brand has grown exponentially. Yamaha now manufactures 19 different guitars under the FG label until this posting. The new champion of the affordable dreadnought category, the FG800, is undoubtedly much more renowned amonsgt rivals.

Best Budget Acoustic Guitar

The instrument could be at the low ask price – and therefore is known as Yamaha’s standard acoustic model – but that never prevented Yamaha from equipping it with a little more advanced features. 

Numerous guitarists who get used to seeing entirely laminated guitars at around this price category might be astonished by incorporating a genuine wood upper edge.

Solid Top Guitar

Succinctly, a laminated top is composed of many different wooden planks glued to form the guitar’s body. However, while it may lead to a powerful guitar, a solid top is created through one whole plank of wood, which results in a far more desired sound. That’s also critical in the context of the FG800 because the price range it represents isn’t particularly brimming with quality top-tier guitars. As a result, it’s a beautiful addition.

Furthermore, the enormous dreadnought size – albeit Yamaha refers to it as a Conventional West Shape – ensures the FG800 offers depth and dimension. The scalloped bracing, a modern feature added here to the series in 2016, would have to be attributed to the extra coverage. That permits the head to move freely, leading to more outstanding deep bass.

Best Performance

With regards to functionality, this guitar is precisely something you’d anticipate from Yamaha, a legendary instrument powerhouse. The neck has a sleek and exceptionally well-qualified neck. There have been no fretting problems to describe, and the body is rounded, however narrow enough that most beginners get their grips around.

The FG800 is tremendously competitive straight out of the box, and also, most guitarists would consider it pleasant. The remaining components, including the die-cast machining heads and mahogany saddle, have a robust touch. Even though nothing is worth bragging over, they seem competent, which is not generally the case with entry-level guitars.

Yamaha FG800 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
Yamaha FG800 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Specifications for the Yamaha FG800

  • Western traditional body type
  • Sitka spruce solids for the top
  • Nato/Okume for the back and sides
  • Nato’s neck
  • 25.9/16″ scale length
  • Rosewood fingerboard & bridge
  • Chrome die-cast tuners (TM29T)
  • Adjustable Truss Rod & 20 frets


  • The top is solid
  • Bracing with scalloped edges
  • Excellent build quality
  • Body in gloss, neck in matte
  • Available in left-hand orientation
  • It comes with a hard case bag


  • Younger players may find the dreadnought body excessively large.

Overall Structure and Body Design

The FG800 is indeed a theater body instrument, which would be a lighter and more conventional form and shape. This makes it simple to grip and perform for both youth and adolescents. The timbers utilized in the manufacturing among its frame and necks are of an excellent standard, particularly leading to its endurance and opportunity to produce outstanding music. 

Consider that perhaps the guitar lacks a microphone and is strictly acoustic. Therefore if you intend to hook it in publically, you might choose to go for an electro-acoustic version.

Yamaha FG800 neck
Yamaha FG800 Review

Who It Would Be for

The FG800 is suitable for newbies like beginners and instrument lovers searching for a low-cost instrument that is long-lasting, built using high-quality materials, and therefore is loud and simple to perform. Compared to the total pricing, this will be the best acoustic guitar for under $300.

Frequently Ask Questions About Acoustic Guitars

What is a dreadnought guitar?

A dreadnought-style guitar has a big body and a rather distinct neck. Such that, especially compared to other traditional guitars and other acoustic guitar designs such as Grand Concert halls (formerly Grand Concert) or Concert (aka 00) or Parlor instruments, the top and bottom sides of the instrument are relatively equal in diameter.

What are the types of acoustic guitars?

It’s crucial to choose a guitar that enjoys its appearance. However, upon renewed emphasis, you’ll discover that perhaps the form of the body has a more enormous influence on the melodic qualities of the guitar than you would ever have understood. Let’s examine a few of the many types of acoustic guitar cases and why a player would choose a structural adjustment on its tone and appearance. Acoustic guitars are classified into the following types:

  • Dreadnought
  • Parlor
  • Jumbo
  • Dreadnought Variants
  • Auditorium
  • Grand Auditorium
  • Classical

How is the Yamaha FG800 the best cheap acoustic guitar?

We consider this Yamaha FG800 the best cheap acoustic guitar due to its tone quality, which is generally rich, warming, and balanced. It could miss a tiny handful of additional oomph. However, you certainly won’t be complaining about the price – this will undoubtedly appeal to anyone wanting that iconic dreadnought tone on a modest budget.

Is Yamaha the best kids’ guitar?

The FG800 is ideal for newcomers and guitar lovers searching for a low-cost guitar that’s also long-lasting, well-made, loud, and simple to perform.

Guitars are available in a variety of sizes. They may be customized with different strands, woods, or flap designs, making each distinctive.

  • 1/4 Size
  • 1/2 Size 
  • 3/4 Size
  • Size 4/4 (Full)

Organizations use these dimensions to help clients choose the perfect match for them. It would also be confusing if they gave the precise scaling length of each instrument, particularly for beginning guitarists.

How many different types of guitars are there?

Below are the three types of modern guitar.

  • The traditional guitar (Spanish guitar/nylon-string guitar)
  • The metal acoustic guitar or electric guitar
  • The Hawaiian guitar (played over the player’s lap) 

What is Half Size Guitar, and for whom did they make it?

The average size of a half-size guitar is approximately 33′′ – 34′′ (83.8 cm – 86.4 cm), which is typically 5′′ to 8′′ (12 cm – 20 cm) shorter than that of a full-size guitar, which indicates that a 1/2 size guitar has a 19.4 percent less average duration than a comprehensive guitar. This 1/2 guitar is roughly half the amount of a standard guitar. There are numerous factors that you might decide to purchase a 1/2 size guitar. The preponderance of the 1 2 guitar model is 34 inches in diameter and thus is suitable for small kids who are just starting on the guitar.

Is the Yamaha FG800 Best acoustic guitar under 1000 dollars?

The FG800 from Yamaha is one of the best acoustic guitars under $1000. The instrument’s Sitka spruce top and Nato/Okume sideburns increase the tone, which works well with various folky kinds of music. Yamaha’s European dreadnought guitar is made of high-quality hardwood and metallic elements.

How to choose a guitar for beginners?

Performing aesthetic

It is necessary to determine the correct instrument for the activity! Consider which music style you enjoy listening to and what genre of music you would want to perform. Numerous guitar genres are suitable for a variety of genres of music. Have been through your music library and select a handful of your favorite tunes.

Size Selection

There are no one-size-fits-all guitars! A most crucial aspect of choosing the perfect size is that if you feel unpleasant performing something that would be excessively enormous for you, you might be less motivated to take it up and play. Because electric guitars are comparatively lesser than steel-string acoustic instruments and synthetic thread classical guitars, devices can be used by almost anybody, albeit the added weight must be considered. An electric guitar may carry between 5 and 6 kg, making it challenging for toddlers to manage. 

Experts typically suggest that youngsters would have been at least 13 years old considering attempting to play an electric guitar, even though some youngsters (as young as 10) have indeed been successful. Each child is unique, and some youngsters may be competent at a relatively young age, so if you believe your child is relatively strong considering their age, arrange for an electric.


If you study Yamaha FG800 reviews by skilled guitarists and ask them what they want in a guitar – irrespective of price – they’ll probably answer that it ought to be durable, ergonomic, and sound pretty good. The Yamaha FG800, on the other hand, checks all of those requirements while pricing at roughly under $300. The solid top and massive dreadnought frame produce a rich, replete tone generally associated with more expensive instruments. You’ll find it challenging to find a higher-quality guitar with these specifications at a lower price. As a result, today, the Yamaha FG800 has always been one of your best beginner’s acoustics.

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